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Website Design on a Content Management System

computer and mobile devices showing the same web design To be successful with Inbound Marketing, being able to update your website with new content, and be able to optimize your content for the best search rankings is crucial. We build all our website design and redesigns on a Content Management System (CMS) for this reason. Designing your site on a content management system means that you can make edits to your web pages any time you want, without the hassle of having to call (and pay) your tech guy every time you want to make an update.

We can recommend several different content management systems based on your project needs and budget, all of which offer tools and features that are simple to follow even if you've never worked on a website before. Your CMS will make it easy to add, move around and make changes to pages, create forms, add photo galleries and slideshows, create calls to actions with special offers, add downloadable whitepapers and maintain a company blog. It will also give you full access to your web pages' meta tags for search engine optimization without ever needing to know any coding.

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Yes, there are full custom sites out there that are really cool with popups and flash intros and so on, but the “Keep it Simple” approach of a CMS website design may be a smarter choice for your business.

A website design or redesign has to be about more than looks:

It has to be clear to search engines what you have to offer so people can find you, and it has to be simple for humans to find what they came there for after they've found you. If your goal for your website is to bring in more business from the web, this is something to consider while the site is being built.

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