How to Fix the Feedburner Error in HubSpot

Oct 30, 2012

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If you're a HubSpot user, you may have noticed a Feedburner error message recently in your Blog Analytics tool. Well, you can thank Google for again making life just a little more complicated. A little while back, Google acquired Feedburner, the free service that allowed you to syndicate your blog posts to everyone in the world using an RSS reader. HubSpot users had the benefit of being able to measure their blog subscriber audience, both from email subscribers and RSS feed subscribers as reported by Feedburner, up until now.

Google has decided to discontinue support for the "Awareness API" part of Feedburner, which allowed software like HubSpot to be able to pull in stats. That's why now HubSpot says it can't recognize your Feedburner URL and your Blog Analytics tool is only able to count your email subscribers. It looks like you lost all your RSS subscribers that it took you so long to build up, but if you haven't already pulled your hair out, there's good news(!): the data isn't lost; it just can't be supplied by Feedburner anymore. And yes, there is a way to get that data back.

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HubSpot Help and Support offers a step-by-step article on how to fix the Feedburner Error in HubSpot. Basically what you have to do is redirect your "custom" feed (the one you created in Feedburner) back to the original feed that was automatically generated by HubSpot when you started blogging( under "Blog Options," it's a long ugly URL looking somehting like this:

While it looks a little cumbersome, the hardest part of the whole thing may be trying to remember your login and password for your original Feedburner account! Good luck!

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